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Say Goodbye to Laundry Day with Foldimate: The Clothing Folding Robot



You’ve been dreading the chore of folding laundry. It’s boring, it’s tedious and you don’t want to spend any more time doing it than absolutely necessary. But now, there’s a solution! The Foldimate is a clothes folding robot that can fold your clothing in just 10 seconds. It folds t-shirts, sweaters, pants and shirts into perfect rectangles with no wrinkles or creases so your clothes will always look neat when you take them out of the closet or dresser drawer.

There’s no doubt about it, laundry is the worst chore.

There’s no doubt about it, laundry is the worst chore. It’s boring, it takes up time and energy you’d rather spend on other things (like watching Netflix) and there are so many steps involved in the process that it can easily become annoying. The Foldimate is here to change all of that by making folding clothes easier than ever before!

No one wants to spend their free time folding clothes, but with Foldimate, you don’t have to.

Foldimate is a robot laundry folder that will fold your clothes while you do other things. It’s perfect for those who hate folding laundry, or who don’t have time to fold the piles of clothes that pile up on their beds and couches throughout the week.

If you’re like me, then you probably spend most of your free time watching Netflix or playing video games–and that means there isn’t much time left over for folding clothes! Foldimate allows me (and anyone else) to avoid doing something as tedious as folding by automating this task so I can focus on my favorite shows instead of worrying about whether my shirt has been folded properly or if it looks good in my wardrobe drawer.

This amazing gadget can fold your clothes in just 10 seconds.

The Foldimate can fold your clothes in just 10 seconds. It takes just 10 seconds to fold a shirt and 5 seconds for pants, jeans or sweaters. The machine can even handle blankets–they take about 15 seconds!

The Foldimate has two folding arms that work together to create different folds depending on what you’re trying to achieve. There are seven different options: shirt, dress shirt; t-shirt; tank top/camisole; pants; shorts; skirt/dress (with straps); bed sheet set up with pillow case included.

It folds t-shirts, sweaters, pants, shirts and more into perfect rectangles.

It folds t-shirts, sweaters, pants, shirts and more into perfect rectangles. It can fold 20 items per minute. Foldimate is also compatible with a variety of different items including jeans and towels.

The product will retail for $229 when it launches later this year.

The Foldimate will retail for $229 when it launches later this year. The price includes shipping, a year of free service and software upgrades, a year of warranty and customer service.

You can get a robot to fold your clothes for you!

If you’re tired of doing laundry and folding your clothes, there’s a solution. A new clothing folding robot called Foldimate can help you out!

It’s easy to set up and works with all types of fabrics. It even includes sensors that detect what type of material is being folded, so it knows how to fold each item properly. Plus, it folds shirts twice as fast than humans do–and looks good doing it!

As far as environmental benefits go? It has been said that if every household in America were to use one of these machines instead of air dryers (which use energy), we could save around five million barrels’ worth of oil per year–that’s enough energy for about 15 million cars!


The Foldimate is the perfect gift for anyone who hates laundry. It’s also great for people who don’t have time to fold their clothes or seniors with limited mobility.

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