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Foldimate – The clothing folding robot

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What is Foldimate and why will this device change our relationship to the chore of folding clothes?

Foldimate is a product developed by an American startup that aims purely and simply to get rid of ironing and folding clothes. According to the CEO, today we have dishwashers and even robot vacuum cleaners, so what about our laundry room?


The sub-daily question is how is this possible?

Foldimate is equipped with technologies to iron clothes, perfume them and finally pinch them, all automatically. All you have to do is gather your pile of properly ordered clothes and it’s all done in just 2 minutes.

The operation of the device (which is also quite imposing: 125 * 60 * 70cm), is quite simple:
Clothing must be attached to the machine using a clip system
The clothes are then introduced into the Foldimate where they will be softened with steam.
The clothes are then scented according to your choice.
Finally, the clothes will be folded thanks to an articulated arm technology


Think of it like a printer, but fold your clothes instead of printing them. All you have to do is put your clothes in the slot and it will fold clothes from a full washing machine in just 2 minutes. It will even adjust your crease based on the type of clothing and fold them accordingly. It only takes a few seconds per garment.

Simply position the linen on the upper plate of the machine by the collar for t-shirts or flat for household linen, then trigger the mechanism so that your linen arrives folded in the bottom drawer of the machine. Inside the garment, it will pass through a rail which, depending on the garment, will bend it one way or another. No need to take the clothes off one by one, they are neatly stacked on top of each other… be there to put them on. articles as you go… While waiting for the fold you can always reply to an email

Now it’s easier than ever to keep your clothes neat and organized. Piles of dirty laundry will be a thing of the past. The best part is the time this machine will save you. Now you can use that time to do other chores, like finally vacuuming the carpet that has hardened under the unfolded clothes strewn around your house.
The Foldimate garment folding machine handles garment sizes from 6 to XXL and can even handle larger items such as standard size towels and small to large size pillowcases. The clothes folding robot measures 49.2 inches high x 23.6 inches wide x 27.6 inches deep.
The clothes are hung piece by piece in the machine with the help of small clips. The clothes will be fed into the machine where they will be folded and, if desired, the clothes will be steam smoothed and scented (scent capsules must be placed). And we were given a pile of carefully folded and scented clothes.

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50 reviews for Foldimate – The clothing folding robot

  1. Maria

    Game changer

    This is a game changer!! Busy working mom with 6 kids and this has made folding so much faster and tidier. Even my 2 and 6 year old can use it and thought it was fun! Yes you read that right, folding laundry has become fun! Buy this ASAP!!

  2. Juan Hamone

    It’s a large machine about the size of a washing machine, but it’s very useful!
    What I didn’t realize was how easy it is to fold. I sell clothes online and normally pack them like a beast because I’m not good at folding them. This system takes the guess work out of it and flattens your items so you can place them anywhere. I love it!
  3. Cheryl B

    Love this!
  4. Melissa C.

    The greatest thing I have ever used!!!!

    I love how I can uniformly fold all of my bfs clothes. It is so awesome. I would very much recommend this

  5. James Hernandez Jr

    Fun for kids

    Makes folding neat and easy. Kids love using it and it makes them want to fold their clothes

  6. April Flores

    Just what I needed to organize t-shirt drawers

    Works great that’s easy

  7. Randi

    Quickest way to fold and maintain a uniform appearanc

    Makes life easier

    Works great!

  9. AntonAnton

    Gets the job done

    The folding steps are ea

  10. Karol

    I like it
  11. Bob

    Easy to Use

    Product is easy to use. Folds easily to store in a drawer or wherever you choose and won’t take up a lot of space.

  12. Caligurl254

    Everything is so neat now!

    Everything looks so neat and tidy and it just makes a world of difference! Wonderful product!

  13. Wendy.B1

    this is very easy to use.
  14. Michael McGuire

    Folding fast

    This item saves so much time doing laundry.

  15. Lilo

    Makes folding fun!

    This item seems silly, I mean anyone can fold clothes but using this item keeps all of the same items a uniform fold which makes the clothes easier to put away, stacked or in a drawer. Also the board folds flat for easy storage.

  16. Shirley H.

    Shirt folding machine

    This item saved me time on folding laundry lm so glad I bought it.

  17. Jbaer

    Great product

    Works great. Fold shirts really neat and fast

  18. Roderick

    Does exactly what it says it does.

    It’s nothing special but it is worth the $230. Makes folding t-shirt quick and efficient.

  19. Ann

  20. cfran1015

    Excellent product

    Liked this product for the price point. Makes my chore of folding laundry much more fun and so appealing when you look in my drawer and everything is folded the same.

  21. Kyle Thomson

    Simple and effective

    My 5 year old could not get the concept of how to fold laundry, a few times showing him this, and making it a game, and wahlah he’s now a magical laundry folding machine. Nice clean simple folds, 

  22. Cheri J

  23. MMH

    Looks small works good.

    When I first saw it I thought I would be sending it back but after trying it I found out it works great. It is small, easy to store.

  24. RHM

    Helps with organization

    Easy to use and nice folded shirts each time.

  25. Sooner Girl

    Great for folding shirts
  26. I.J. Rivers

    Great product

    This folding board was everything I expected it to be. It’s lightweight, easy to use and store. I purchased as I transitions from hanging some portion of my wardrobe to folding instead. I now have extra space in the closet. After a few minutes of folding, you will be folding like a pro! Highly recommend this item.

  27. Fernando E. Sorolla-Delgado

    Love It!

    Make folding much easier.

  28. Gabrielle Trent


    Convince yourself to do your laundry by tricking yourself into thinking its work.#doesthiscountasretailtherapy?


    Helps with keeping my clothes nice and neat
  30. Denise Stillings

    I like the fact that it is very simple
    I researched all the great folding boards and decided I wanted a very simple folding machine. I used to work in retail and learned how to use a similar folding board. I like that this one doesn’t have any frills – I also like that it has the ways to fold the folders embossed on the board itself, to remember them. I can fold things really quickly with it and the clothes are so much smoother – your stacked items take up so much less space. As a bonus, folding laundry has become a breeze, lol!
  31. C. Broadbent

    Great tool but takes practice

    Love this product.

  32. Bronx12Bronx12

    If you have OCD

    If you have OCD or you’re just lazy to align your clothes, this is for you! Fast and convenient. Not very ideal for wider clothes or bigger collar ones, this board is narrow and small. If you happen to not know how to fold a shirt, they even have a guide at the back of the board!

  33. BHsquared

    Helps you get consistent sized folds!

    I’m not very good at folding and this helps! Not fool proof though but will help you get a consistent sized fold!

  34. Ama Cust

    good Product


  35. Holly Tull

    Folding board

    Easy to use shirt folder with instructions written right on the board

  36. Phil D

    NOT flimsy, NOT too small, good for large sizes


  37. Antonio G.

    Excellent tool!

    Easy to use & very handy!

  38. Antonio G.

    Excellent tool!

    Easy to use & very handy!

  39. Jenny Avril

    This is very helpful in business or personal

    Very helpful in business or personal and makes clothes perfectly nice

  40. Juan Hamone

    It’s a large machine about the size of a washing machine, but it’s very useful!
    What I didn’t realize was how easy it is to fold. I sell clothes online and normally pack them like a beast because I’m not good at folding them. This system takes the guess work out of it and flattens your items so you can place them anywhere. I love it!
  41. Jason Kenworthy

    Just buy it. Total woth it!

    I am not sure why I didn’t buy this years ago. Simple and speeds up the folding process. Also makes all my shirts the same width folder so it makes storage so much easier. Totally worth the money. My son even finds it fun to use. 

  42. Raoul Montes

    I love it!

    This product it great. Makes folding shirts, both mine and my husband’s, a breeze. I refolded all the shirts in my dresser and and it took me about 10 minutes. I was also able to fold and put shirts from my closet back in my dresser where they belong. I previously had to start hanging them because they would fit in my dresser anymore. I love it.

  43. MeWorry Gal

    Decent help for folding shirts
  44. Danny W. Gray

    Folding T-shirts Much Easier!
  45. JOI

    Perfect for folding

    This was a perfect thing to get. I work at a retail store and everyone uses it to fold shirts. Makes the dept. look great. My boss even took it home one night to fold his shirts. Now the supervisors are getting one for their dept. Great buy.

  46. Daria DiGorio

    Folds like Magic
  47. mycayenneturbos

    nicely made, good material
  48. Yvonne Deering

    Durable and easy to store in closet.

    Great for getting consistency in folded shirts that are on the closet shelves. Durable, light weight and easy to handle. It has instructions imprinted on the board for anyone who isn’t sure how to fold shirts.

  49. deb521

    Quick fold way

    Arrived well. Easy to use. I like it!

  50. Luigina

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