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All new colors for 2023

The Razor K1 is an electric scooter that features a modern and stylish design, as well as ecological and economical performance. It is powered by a 60V lithium-ion battery and has a range of up to 90km on a single charge.
The Razor K1 is easy to use thanks to its built-in LCD dashboard that displays all necessary information such as speed, battery level, riding mode and more. It also features full LED lighting for increased visibility at night.

The Razor K1 is equipped with a 1800W brushless electric motor that allows for fast acceleration and a top speed of 75 km/h. It also has front and rear disc brakes for maximum safety.

The Razor K1 is easily transportable and can be folded in seconds for easy storage. It also comes with a quick battery charger that recharges the battery in just 4 hours.

The Razor K1 is available in a variety of colors to suit everyone’s taste. It is also road legal in many countries, making it a convenient and environmentally friendly transportation option for daily commutes.
New super efficient high torque engine
New waterproof color LED display
New steering stop to prevent cable damage
Parking stand now included
New quick release system


Wide 9.5″ Easy steer tires
⚬ Puncture resistant

Lightweight and fast

Up to 75 KM/H
Only 105 LBS

High visibility LED lighting

Integrated front and rear LEDs flash when you brake, providing maximum visibility for improved road safety.

Electronic engine lock

When turned off, the K1’s engine electronically locks up, giving a subtle “resistance pulse” to anyone who tries to run it.

Technical Specifications

Direct drive hub – DC brushless
⚬ 48V
Power rating – 1200 watts
Peak power ~ 1500 Watts
⚬ Maximum hill climb – 30
Operating temperature – 14°F to 104°F


Charge time – up to 3 hours
⚬ Charge level indicator / removable
LG Chem 18650 lithium cells
Lifetime of ~1,000 cycles
48V // 19.2AH // ~ 1 Kilowatt
54.6V (maximum charge voltage)
Short circuit protection
⚬ Overcurrent protection
⚬ Overload protection


Charger capacity – 165 W
Input voltage – 120 / 240 V AC
⚬ Output voltage – 54.6 V
Standard charging – 3 amps
Charging time +/- 5 hours


Vector / high precision algorithm
⚬ Peak output – 33.5A

Device Dimensions

Dry weight – 95 lbs
Weight capacity – 400 lbs
⚬ Wheelbase – 69″
⚬ Handlebar height – 41/43
Handlebar width – 31
⚬ Seat height – 26″ ⚬ Handlebar width – 31″ ⚬ Leg height – 30
Horizontal leg room – 31.5 in.
⚬ Bridge height – 6.5″
⚬ Ground clearance – 4.5″

Wiring // Connectors

Internal wiring with “quick connectors” allows for plug-n-play replacement of all electronic components in 10-15 minutes or less.

Additional information


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  1. Jeff


    This was a Christmas gift to our grandson this year. He LOVES it. It’s fabulous. Love everything about it. Glad I chose this brand.

  2. Rachel

    So much fun!

    9 year old saved up for this. He LOVES it! He zooms all over the place. Good battery life. Easy and intuitive to use. Overall- he’s VERY happy with his purchase.

  3. Cheech

    Built Sturdy

    This was a gift for grandchild. Easy assembly. Product is heavy and well built. Speeds up to 12 mph, no problem.

  4. Amado Garcia

    It does have a weight limit as far as speed is concerned. 😂

    Love them so far. No complaints whatsoever…I specifically love the way they light up. I can keep perfect track of where my kids are when they ride at night.



    Not what I expected. We were thinking it would let you release power so you can actually turn but it’s made for full throttle strait-aways. Then you have to release Grip theb it literally comes to a stop, then you’d have to turn, theb you squeeze throttle again. For the price, it’s worth it for a 9 year old, for my 12 year old, he said I’d save my money for a better one. So, my 9 year old loves it. The other brothers, give it a 2/5. It’s not to shabby for the price. So, all in all…. I give it a 2-3 out of 5. I don’t want to say don’t buy it Bc it’s a razor, it’s cool. Also, I’m happy it only goes like 10 mph. I would be scared of it went faster.Also, I need to mention, you don’t just stand on it and pull throttle. You HAVE to peddle to get the wheels going fast first then pull throttle. So, really, That’s why I give it a 2 out of 5. If I would have known this…. in the description or the reviews, I would have spent more money on another one.💔

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  6. Nadine K. Argabright

    My grandson loves it!!!

    Very easy to assemble, and seems very sturdy.

  7. Jeneth Blackert

    Great Quality

    I like this scooter a lot for the price and quality it is excellent. I have ridden many commercial scooters around town and it’s not that good but pretty close.

    2 people found this helpful

  8. Jennifer

    Great scooter

    Great super fast scooter. My 9 year old nephew loves it

    One person found this helpful

  9. Potameides

    Kid’s favorite toy

    This is so fun and it goes surprisingly fast. Only Downside is that it is heavy.Also I kinda wish I got my kid the red one because we never scooter when it’s dark to appreciate the lights. Still really cool toy/gift.

  10. Karen Nemeth

    Great quality awesome product and value!

    The media could not be loaded.

     I read some reviews that this is better for older kids and my son is 6 so I was hesitant. He took to it within minutes and is having a blast with it. Highly recommend! Downside- my husband now wants one!

    15 people found this helpful

  11. Tammy prock

    Bring a smile to a young boys face

    Grandson said best Christmas ever

  12. Perry L. Chocklett

    Very easy for kids to operate.

    The scooter goes fast enough to enjoy the ride and is safe for young kids

    One person found this helpful

  13. Eragon the Great

    Great for beginners!

    Comes assembled and charging the battery for 12 hours was a little disappointing but we have been able to ride it for 45 minutes without a problem. My son loves the speed and the lights that come on.My only complaint is why they used a polyurethane wheel on the back instead of a intertube wheel like on the front?

    One person found this helpful

  14. boone51

    Birthday Success!

    This scooter was ordered for my son’s birthday. It arrived on time and was packaged well. The scooter itself is well made. All of the instructions were simple and easy to understand. We had it fully charged (12 hours for initial charge before first ride) and ready for him for his big day. Needless to say, it was a huge hit. Just be sure to pay attention to the manufacturers suggested max weight for these kinds of scooters to make sure you get the most out of your battery and motor life.Pros;Fast. Once you get up to the right speed with a good kick and the motor kicks in, this thing will really move. The specs said around 10mh, but it feels much faster than that.Sturdy build. The item doesn’t feel cheap at all compared to some of the other scooters we’ve had.Cons;Takes a while for initial chargeFast. I know this is listed as a Pro above but it really should be understood if you’re burying this for a little one. It can really zip.Overall, I would definitely recommend this and would purchase it again in a heartbeat. 

  15. Crystal

    Easy to put together

    Bought this for my 9 year old son. He absolutely loves it. Super fun and easy to assemble.

    One person found this helpful

  16. Dana B

    Great product!

    I bought the electric scooter as a birthday gift for my 7-year old grandson, and he loves it. I thought it appropriate for his age as its speed was up to 10 miles per hour and had a mileage range of 6 miles. It was easy for his dad to assemble, and once that was done, he took off. He rides it every day when he comes home from school, and so far no issues. So glad I bought this scooter for him.

  17. C. Lingel

    Fun Scooter

    Was very easy to assemble and charge. Very important to do initial charge for 12 hours. Easy to start riding.

  18. Recon4_u


    Great scooter. Everything works as advertised. Easy assembly. Do need to charge battery over night as the battery has no charge upon arrival.

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    That it works very well

    My granddaughter loved it for Christmas

  20. Greg Slaby


    Bought on sale. Great value for the entertainment!It is heavy. The battery and motor have a good amount of weight. Would suggest this item to a friend.

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  21. Oswaldo RiosOswaldo Rios

    Very nice product ! I am happy !
  22. JC

    My 7 year old kid loves it!

    I bought this scooter for my 7 year old boy, as an alternative because he’s struggling with coordination, when it comes to learning how to ride a bike. I own a fast off-road E-Board and always wanted to involve my son(who loves to stay home all day, watching youtube and playing video games), in extreme sports, to get him off the couch. I gave him the scooter for his birthday this month, and now he just cannot get enough of it. When we ride together we have a lot of fun and I get to bond with him. Even though the scooter is not as fast as my e-board, it still goes pretty fast for a kid his age. Battery is great, the last time we rode for about an hour and battery still had a little bit of juice left. Its perfect!

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  23. Andrew Fogarty

    Works great

    Got this as a Christmas gift for my son. It was easy to assemble out of the box and worked great right away.

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  24. Kathy cornwell

    Grandson loves his new ride 👍

    Was a gift for my grandson best gift ever he loves it

  25. SAM

    Cool scooter. Buy one!

    My son loves this scooter. A lot of his friends had one so we decided to buy one. The light-up footboard is awesome! I am a grown man and have to tell you it looks pretty cool with the light shining on the board…. and also safe in the dusk/evening/night. Plugging it in is a little bit of a hassle. You need to get on your knees and find the receptacle underneath the side of the board. It is a blind location so it takes a few tries to get the plug to go in. I would recommend it!

    One person found this helpful

  26. A. Appel

    Perfect electric scooter for the price and designed age range

    This is a great electric scooter for the price and recommended age range. A few foot pushes to get up to speed, twist the throttle and off you go. It tops out at about a fast jog or moderate biking speed. The rated 10mph and 30 min of battery life feel accurate. Some have complained about the need to get up to about 5mph before the motor will engage but I consider this a good safety feature as well as cost savings. When getting off or pushing it through the garage I have seen the lights flicker on occasionally which means the throttle was activated. This is from my son unintentionally twisting the throttle when he didn’t mean for it to go. If the motor had been able to power from a standstill this would have yanked it from his hands or pull him down. There is an on off switch on the bottom but even with this I still wouldn’t want the motor to engage instantly from a stand still. Two foot pushes to get up to motor speed are no big deal and this also ensures that you are prepared and actually want it to start up. The throttle is an on off switch but that doesn’t mean that you can’t regulate speed within its operating range. On his first ride going at a slower than top speed came naturally and quickly to my son. When coming up on a turn all he did was let off on the throttle and coast a bit. When it got near the bottom of its speed he would simply blip the throttle to keep it going at a slower speed. coast for 2 seconds, power on for 1 second, coast for 2…. Pretty simple for a 8 year old to figure out. By varying the length of coasting or powered time his was able to maintain any speed that the motor could do, (5 – 10 mph). It may sound complex but it is easy and comes naturally. The other benefit of it being a somewhat low torque motor is that it won’t get up to speed instantly. Two foot pushes get you about 5mph, twist the throttle and it will take the motor another 2 to 3 seconds to get up to 10mph. A gentle ramp up to speed that was smooth and didn’t jerk him at all.The one true downside of the low torque power system is that it can’t go up anything other than a gentle hill. If you would feel the need to drop down more than 2 gears on a bike this scooter would probably have a problem. A higher torque power system might be nice but it would add to the cost and if you really want that they do make one for twice the price, the E300. It is all about designing a scooter that gives the customer what they want and not waste money where it is not needed. This low torque system is fine for younger riders (8 – 10 yrs old) and flat to slightly hilly terrain.One thing to keep in mind with battery system is that lead acid batteries need 12 – 14 hours to fully charge. This is just due to their chemistry and how they accept a charge. LiPo batteries are more expensive but can take a charge at a much higher rate. If that is important to you they make a version with LiPos but for twice the price.Three other things to keep in mind with these batteries is that they should always be left at a full charge, they will self discharge and need to be recharged monthly, and they should not be allowed to freeze.This is not a factor of the quality of batteries. This is simply the way lead acid batteries are. These characteristics of lead acid batteries are in the manual and on several warning stickers and cards all over the scooter.I don’t know how but I am sure there are some idiots that leave the batteries discharged for long periods of time and never bother to put them on the charger monthly and wonder why they are dead in a year. Ignore bad reviews about the batteries that don’t state a knowledge of lead acid battery care. A bad battery can always slip through the system though and that is what the warranty period is for.Proper battery care is easy. Use the scooter and when you are done or it starts to sag on flat terrain put it on the charger and leave it on overnight. Bring it in a heated area for cold winter storage. Put it on the charger monthly when not it use. Doing this basic care should get you 200 to 250 charge/discharge cycles on the batteries.———–All in all a good scooter for the younger rider( 8 – 10yrs) with several cost saving design measures that shouldn’t bother the average rider. 

  27. Momma Llama

    Momma can play too

    I ordered this for my 9 year old son for Christmas. He loves it. I do too. I’m 145lb and it zips me along just fine. Arrived on time and packaged appropriately. Easy to assemble and easy to charge.

  28. piri

    Excellent product

    I bought it for my 9 year old its an excellent product. She is really enjoying everyday.

  29. Stacey C

    Great for experienced kids.

    Nice sturdy scooter for kids. Bought this for my 9 year old – it’s pretty fast but she used the slower one for the past few years so she was ready for this speed. Wouldn’t recommend for beginners.

  30. Y0

    Great scooter

    My 8yr old granddaughter loves this!Money well spent watching her cruise through the neighborhood!Great quality and durability!So far so good !

  31. Kindle Customer

    Happy with purchase

    My son (7) rides this scooter every single day! Easy to charge and stays charged. Happy with purchase!

  32. Bill

    It works as described

    MyQ granddaughter’s birthday. She was very happy with her gift

  33. Rosebud82

    Great Electric Scooter!

    My son absolutely loves this electric scooter! It rides well and it goes a long way without having to recharge so quickly! Great seller too! I would definitely buy from this seller again!

  34. Sheree

    Works as advertised. Great price for the product.

    Works as advertised. Great price for the product. Fast and fun to ride. 6’4″ 200 lbs

    One person found this helpful

  35. Atika Pegues

    The scooter goes up to 40 mph

    One of the screws didn’t go in

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